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Opening of the exhibition Hans Jörg Glattfelder „vom Besonderen zum Allgemeinen“ Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch
  19/04 – 20/05/2019
Kunstraum Roy Kunnersdorf bei Görlitz Mit Hartmut Böhm, Josef Linschinger, Dora Maurer, Klaus Schön u.a.
    05/04 -23 05/2019
„konkrete Kunst“ Ateliers Fanal, Basel, shown at the Marburger Kunstverein, Marburg, Germany
  5/03 – 30/08/2019
„Gomringer!“, Hommage tot he „Father of concrete poetry“ By 27 friends and artists MUWA – Museum der Wahrnehmung, Graz
    30/03 – 25/04/2019
#LV1 Two series of works on paper of HJG at the gallery „La Vitrine”, Fribourg
  04/12 – 08/12/2018
Untitled artfair, Miami Beach Stand Galerie Wenger
  02/12/2018 - 06/01/2019
annual exhibition „zeitlos gut“, Galerie Geiger, Konstanz
    03/11/2018 – 12/01/2019
Alle*, all the artists of the gallery Galerie Wenger, Zürich
  20/10/2018 – 10/03/2019
“abstrakt konkret” Walter Link - Hans Jörg Glattfelder Galerie Hoffmann Ausstellungshalle Ossenheim
    08/07 – 25/08/2018
young collectors choice“ Galerie Geiger, Konstanz
    08/06 – 07/07/2018
one man show Glattfelder „ Evidences“ Galerie La Vitrine, Fribourg
  11/03 – 28/04/2018
one man show Hans Jörg Glattfelder - Episteme Galerie Geiger, Konstanz
    26/11/2017 – 06/01/2018
« zeitlos gut » Galerie Geiger, Konstanz
  16/06 – 01/09/2017
Menhir Arte Contemporanea, Milano presents :Hans Jörg Glattfelder « un idea concreta » with illustrated publication
  13/05 – 15/07/2017
„Denkbares- sichtbar Sichtbares – denkbar“ two man exhibition: Hans Jörg Glattfelder Candido Storni Galerie Anna Wenger, Zürich
  10/03 – 22/04/2017
Exhibition at the gallery La Vitrine, Fribourg (Switzerland) :
5/5 5 artistes, 5 ans de la galerie
Dubreuil –Glattfelder – Pasquer – Rompza -Sapin
Galerie La Vitrine    
Conference at the departement of philosophy of the University Darmstadt ‚
‘Dialektik –Ontologie – Kunst’
Lecture by HJG: „Konstruktion, Spekulation, Metapher –
Conversations with Hans Heinz Holz“
Probabely there will be a publication of the transcript-verlag about the event
Celebration of the 90th birthday of the philosopher von Hans Heinz Holz
„die raue See des Widerspruchs“ in the rooms of ‚Urania’, Berlin
lecture by HJG „On the reality content of constructive art“
Urania, Berlin    
  27 – 30/01/2017
Fiera Arte die Bologna
one man show Glattfelder
at the stand of the gallery rossovermiglio, Padova
Bologna, Arte Fiera    
  12/11 – 18/12/2016
Exhibition at the märz –galerie Mannheim and cube 4 x 4.
In the „cube“ Glattfelder’s installation „triangel with sides of equal length“

The 26/11 at 18 p. m. artists talk with Sigurd Rompza, moderated by Kim Behn

Installation, Mannheim    

Würzburg, HJG and Serge Lemoine
Hans Jörg Glattfelder is awarded in Würzburg, Germany, with the
„Peter C. Ruppert – Award for Concrete Art in Europe“.
A crowd of friends and art-interested people listened to the speaks of
Dr. Marlene Lauter, director of the Museum im Kulturspeicher
Muchtar Al Ghusain, Speaker of the Cyties Department of Culture
Peter C. Ruppert, Art Collector and founder of the price
Prof. Serge Lemoine, Professor at Sorbonne and former director
of Musée d’Orsay, Paris
Mr. Christian Schuchardt, Lord Mayor of the City of Würzburg

Mr. Ruppert quoted in his speech the following message of the secretary general of the C ouncil of Europe, Mr. Thorbjörn Jagland:

“It is, once again, an honour to congratulate the winner of the Peter C Ruppert Foundation Prize for Concrete Art, the notable artist from Switzerland, Hans Jörg Glattfelder.
I am a firm believer that art and culture can deepen our democratic instincts by opening us up to diversity and other ways of viewing and experiencing the world.
With its emphasis on abstraction and complete detachment from the real life of representational art, Concrete Art provides a perfect 21st Century form of art, by using shape, colour, chiaroscuro, geometry and mathematics ingeniously, and can be universally enjoyed.
For over 50 years, Hans Jörg Glattfelder has explored the possibilities of this art form, even creating a glossary of terms to help all participating artists share a recognised ‘language’. He works like a poet in sonnet form, limitlessly reinterpreting the simple square.
As the late Piotr Piotrowski put it, they “push the horizon of our expectations”.
I am delighted to congratulate Hans Jörg Glattfelder for his significant contribution to Concrete Art and congratulate the Peter C. Ruppert Foundation for this horizon-pushing Prize.”  

At the end of the official part the city administration offered a party in the foyer of the Kulturspeicher for more than hundred guests who appreciated the excellent wine and fingerfood. It was a great pleasure to meet the charming Swiss “Generalkonsulin” Mrs. Chawll-Gantenbein who came from Munich, and to shake hands once again with Heijo Hangen, who was brought from Koblenz by Hans Peter Riese. The party ended late in the evening.

HJG thanking    
HJG, S. Lemoine, Heijo Hangen    
HJG, S. Lemoine    
S. Lemoine and Hans P. Riese    
P. C. Ruppert and OB Schuchardt    
  22/10 – 16/12/2016
One-man show at the galleria rossovermiglio, Padova
The exhibition is documentated in a catalogue of 100 pages edited by Vittoria Coen.
In the recent years the gallery has bought a significant stock of works of the artist; the intention of the gallerists is to show to the Italian public the evolution of Glattfelders work after the period of the pyramid reliefs.
Gal. Rossovermiglio, Padua    
    2/07 – 13/08/2016
Glattfelder participates in the exhibition in the gallery Geiger in Konstanz, Germany
„young collectors choice“,
  19/06/ - 17/07/2016

Exhibition in the gallery Martin Wörn, Sulzburg,
“für sehen gemacht”
with works of John Carter, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Hans Jörg Glattfelder,
Jan Meyer-Rogge, Marie-Thérèse Vacossin
In this occasion a silkscreen print by Glattfelder is published by the gallery.

Invitation Gal. konkret, Sulzburg    

16/06 – 19/06/2016

ART Basel
Works of HJG are featured in the stands of Lahumière, Paris und FANAL, Basel und

    26/05 – 10/07/2016
two men exhibition :
Hans J. Glattfelder, painting – Martin Willing, sculptures
Galerie Lahumière, Paris
  29/03 – 2/04/2016
Drawing Now’, art mess of contemporary drawing
Carreau du Temple, Paris
Stand Gal. Anna Wenger, focus on H. Glattfelder
Lecture hold by H.J.G. at Editions Fanal, Basel:
„Konkrete Kunst – Umgang mit dem Dogma“,
(concrete art – how to live with a dogma)
eine Hommage an Georg Schmidt
zu seinem 120. Geburtstag
    12/03 – 12/06/2016
verknüpft, Haleh Rdjaian und die Sammlung,
Museum für konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt

  25/02 – 10/04/2016
Jan Kubicek – Hans J. Glattfelder
two men show at Galerie Zaloudek, Prag
at the opening assisted Hans Peter Riese and the writer
Pavel Kohout
H.J.G., Pavel Kohout, HP. Riese    
lecture hold by H.J.G. „Art Concret – histoire et perspectives“,
at the institut EIKON, Fribourg, CH
  9/01 – 27/02/2016
Hans J. Glattfelder „Through space and time,
Highlights of the last 50 years ”,
Galerie Geiger, Konstanz
the gallery publishes a catalogue of 70 pages
  8/01/ - 13/02/2016
perpetuum mobile –
le mouvement, une experience visuelle
Galerie la Vitrine, Fribourg
Lecture „Art Concret aujourd’hui“,
at the art school HEAR in Mulhouse, France
  21/06/ -11/10/2015
„Schwarz auf Weiss“, (black on white)
Works from the museums collection MKK
    6/06/2015 - 11/07/2015
personal exhibition H.J.G. in the cabinet of
Galerie Wenger, Zürich
    10/05/2015 – 10/05/2016
„Rendezvous der Länder“, New display of the
Peter C. Ruppert Collection , Museum im Kulturspeicher,
10 Years Museum Ritter
„ein Quadrat ist ein Quadrat, ist ein Quadrat“,
(a square is a square is a square)
H.J.G. participating
  20/03/2015 – 15/06/2015
Oe man show „Seh-Übung“
Museum for Perception - MUWA Graz,
Introduction by Anna Wondrak, Ingolstadt
    12/12/2014 – 25/02/2015
Hans J. Glattfelder « Konkretheiten » One man show at the Leopold-Hoesch Museum, Düren
atists talk with art critic Hans Peter Riese in february

opening speech of Glattfelder at the exhibition of the Swiss painter
Beat Maeschi in the museum Kunsthaus Rehau, Germany,
which is directed by Eugen Gomringer

Artist talk with  Hans Glattfelder in occasion of the  exhibition
“eckig rund und bunt”, Museum for  Concrete Art, Ingolstadt

20/07 – 19/10/2014
Exhibition „eckig rund  und  bunt“
Museum for  Concrete Art (MKK), Ingolstadt
Participation of H.J.G. with a PYR of the collection MKK.

Opening of the exhibition “glattfelder sehen“
In the museum Chasa Jaura, Valchava  nella Val Mustair ,
high up in the Swiss Alps.
Opening speech by Mr. Otto Bänninger

23/05 -28/09/2014
Museum of Fine Arts -Vasarély Museum Budapest
Hans Jörg Glattfelder – That is the case too
On man show in this beautiful museum near the Danube
The show opens with an interactive  video installation   “Pallarel”  which the Swiss artist Daniel Bisig has conceived as a structural reverence to the works of  Glattfelder.
The Swiss Ambassador in Hungary,Mr. Jean-François  Paroz  opened the vernissage with a very competent speech.
After this, as part of the opening, H. J. Glattfelder presented his Glossary, Words and Notions to Art    which has been translated into Hungarian by th artist Dora Maurer . This translation is now published  by  OSAS (Open Structure Art Society) of Budapest.

  10/05 - 28/06/2014
„Hans Jörg Glattfelder“
One man show organized by the gallery „la vitrine“, in Fribourg,
The newspaper « La Liberté » published the same day a portrait of
HJG « L’ésthétique de la géométrie ».

Hans Jörg Glattfelder“
One man show organized by the gallery   „la vitrine“, in Fribourg, Switzerland
The newspaper  « La Liberté » published the same day a portrait of HJG  « L’ésthétique de la géométrie ».


29/03/ -14/04/2014
 „Hans Jörg Glattfelder – Sein und Raum“,
Personal exhibition in the gallery Geiger, Konstanz, Germany

HJG participates in this  new fair in the stand of gallery  Wenger

13/ - 19/03/2014
At the art fair  ART Karlsruhe, is presented  by the galleries Geiger, Lahumière, Lindner and  März-Galerie  Mannheim


Opening exhibition of the new gallery  Petr Zaloudek, Prag
8 evropskych konkretistu“

What the papers say about the exhibition at mhk Zurich


Conference held by HJG as part of his personal exhibition
In the Museum haus konstruktiv in Zurich. The organizers expected about  fifty visitors, but when  the number passed over 200 a bigger hall had to bee occupied.

24/11/2013 -02/02/2014
«hauptsächlich grau 4, konstruiertes grau»,
thematic exhibition by Wita Noack , dedicated to the color gray
 in the museum  Mies Van Der Rohe - Haus,  Berlin

23/11/2013 - 08/01/2014
« Zeitlos Gut» ( « timeless beauty“))
group exhibition organized in the gallery  Geiger, Konstanz
with works of Glattfelder, Hangen, Mack, Megert,
Morandini, Spoerri and De Vries.

22/11/2013 – 30/01/2014
  „Beauté rationelle“
 Art space « Topographie de l’Art », 15, rue de Thorigny, Paris
During this exhibition, HJG will keep a conference on « Rationality and Metarationalism in Art »  on  30. 01. 2014


17/10 - 21/12/ 2013
«50 Ans Galerie Lahumière» Paris
This anniversary exhibition gives occasion to publish a big  and well illustrated  catalogue with a letter of  Gottfried Honegger.

    25/10 2013
Ausstellungs Dokumentation click to see the diashow

Vernissage in haus konstruktiv click to see the diashow

to see the  documentary video by Melanie Moser click here
You can order the book  « Glattfelder – Was der Fall ist », edited by Wienand, Köln, 271 pages, hardcover, at the shop del Museum haus konstruktiv, Selnaustrasse 25, 8001 Zürich for 55.- CHF;
and  also  online  on  for  Euro 45.-

23/10/2013 – 2/02/2014
 18 p.m.   Vernissage of the exhibition   Hans Jörg Glattfelder- Was der Fall ist
at the  Museum Haus Konstruktiv (MHK), Selnaustrasse 25, Zürich 1.
In the  occasion of the exhibition  the Museum publishes a monograph of    Glattfelder, 250 pages,
edited by  Wienand, Köln  with contributions of H.H. Holz, Eugen Gomringer , Hans Peter Riese, Marco Filoni and Stephan Geiger. The book reprints also  some theoretical writings of  Glattfelder, furthermore the „Glossary“ and an interview with the new director of the  MHK, Sabine Schaschl.

 The press release states:
The    Museum Haus Konstruktiv is delighted to honor the multi-layered oeuvre of Swiss artist Hans Jörg Glattfelder in a comprehensive solo exhibition. The exhibition spans two floors and provides an insight into over fifty years of work as an artist.

Glattfelder, who was born in 1939 in Zurich and has lived in Paris since 1998, is one of the most important contemporary representatives of constructivist and concrete art. Following on from Bill, Lohse, Graeser and Loewensberg, the so-called Zurich Concretists, Glattfelder is interested in a clear language of forms and in rational issuesworks, the conception of which is also influenced by mathematical and scientific findings, are made captivating by both their intellectuall and their formal-aesthetic appeal to an equal extent.



 In the renewed presentation of its collection the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart exposes three works  by Hans Glattfelder


 the version) puts online a press release announcing the coming exhibition  “Glattfelder – that is the case “


The British artist  Jeffrey Steele has terminated his translation of the „GLOSSARY.“

This English version is put online in the website of  Museum Kulturspeicher Wuerzburg ,  Collection  P.C. Ruppert.

20/07/ - 28/08/2013
 Participates in the exhibition
Young Collectors Choice“  at Galerie Geiger, Konstanz

12/05 – 15/09/2013
Vasarély Museum Budapest: The ‚Open Structure Art Society’ (OSAS) presents
 100 artworks  of the Berlin based Collection Siegfried Grauwinkel.

4/03/ - 8/03/2013
at the art fair ART Karlsruhe  Glattfelder is presented by  four galleries:

Geiger,Konstanz,  Lahumière, Paris,  Lindner, Wien and März-Galerie Mannheim

20/02/2013 – 30/03/2013
„Vice – Versa“, five artists proposed by Peter Lindner, Vienna
expose in the gallery dr.julius  /ap in Berlin


8/12/2012 – 20/01/2013
Glattfelder exposes together  with his friend, the Swiss artist Beat Maeschi
 at  Galerie ARTOPOI in Freiburg  im Breisgau, Germany.

20/10/ - 21/11/2012
new works“ opening of the  one man show at Galerie Geiger
 in Konstanz, Southern Germany

12/09/2012 – 25/10/2012
One man show „metaphores of space
at the gallery Lindner in Vienna


Vernissage of the exhibition
Vera Molnar, Judith Néms, H. J. Glattfelder
In the gallery B55 in Budapest. The hungarian artist Dora Maurer hold an introduction.
Glattfelder is appointed honorary member of OSAS – the hungarian “open structure art society”.


The Tretjakov Gallery in Moscou shows a group of Paris based constructivist painters, among  which also Glattfelder


22/04 – 27/05/2012 
 Museo d’Arte Moderna di Roma
 ”arte programmata e cinetica, anni 60 e 70.”, where Glattfelder figures with a relief structure of the early  Seventies.


TheTretjakov  Museum in Moscow  inaugurates  ”Parisji Koka” . Glattfelder presents three of his paintings.


Gallery Wenger invites to a finnissage of the  quite successful exhibition  « INVENTARe ». Among the guests will be Mrs; Sibyl Albers, Gottfried Honegger, Mrs. And Mr. Sandy Wurmfeld from New York and many other friends.


19/03 – 21/03/2012
Angermuseum, Erfurt. Germany
In the context of the presentation of H. P. Riese’s collection
Takes place a series of  “movie evenings” dedicated to the Swiss artists
Richard Paul Lohse  et Hans Jörg Glattfelder
Among others the short film
”Glattfelder unterwegs”
CH 1997, 15 min. R. Eva Hultberg


7  - 11/03/2012
The art fair of Karlsruhe presents as “special feature” the collection of Marli Hoppe Ritter where also a painting of Glattfelder is shown.
In the stand of gallery Geiger from Konstanz (southern Germany) a one man show shows recent works of Glattfelder.
Another group of works is exhibited by Blanka Heineke, März Galerie, Mannheim.


28/1/2012 – 31/3/2012
In Zurich a new art gallery – Galerie Wenger – opens its activities  with a one man show of Glattfelder.


My great friend and mentor, the philosopher  Hans Heinz Holz died today in San Abbondio, in southern Switzerland.


Oct  2011
The web – site of the Museum  ”Kulturpeicher” od  Wuerzburg contains now the ”Glossar”  redacted by Glattfelder, in the context of the P.C. Ruppert Collection


14/14/09/2011 -08/01/2012
von Picasso bis Judd”
aquisitions of the der Rupf-Foundation
Kunstmuseum Bern


talk-show with  Hans Jörg Glattfelder
about his works presented in the museum, 16 July  15 p.m.
Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch


The philosophical review TOPOS, edited in Germany by H.H. Holz and Domenico Losurdo publishes an article by Gtlattfelder on ”the historical/philosophical influences on the development of the Concrete Art”, particularly on the influence of Hegelianism in the thinking of Van Doesburg and certain methodological parallels between  phenomenology and concrete art. 


25/06/ - 10/08/2011
one man show with works of the last twenty years
 of Hans Jörg Glattfelder
Galerie Geiger, Konstanz


21/06/ - 10/08/2011
Drei Freunde aus Paris” (thre friends from Paris)
J.F. Dubreul, H.J.Glattfelder, Henri Prosi
Galerie Leonhard, Graz


22/05 – 18/09/2011

”im Fokus der 1950er bis 1970er Jahre”, in parallel with the big exhibition of  Antonio Calderara the museum presents works created in fifties and sixties of the  collection  Marli Hoppe –Ritter
Museum Ritter, Waldenbuch


The Italian cultural review Belfagor  publishes an article by Glattfelder “Ragghianti and Mondrian »where he demands a re-evaluation of the controversial monograph published by the great art historian in the sixties.



08/04 – 09/10/2011
« quadratisch… »
selected works of the collection
Marli Hoppe-Ritter showed in the rooms of the
Museum im Prediger, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Allemagne


05/03 – 02/04/2011
”face à face”, sculptures et reliefs
exhibition at the
Galerie Lahumière, Paris

Museum  ‘Kulturspeicher’ in Würzburg.
New display of the Ruppert Collection.


Lecture by Hans J. Glattfelder
“What  learns concrete art from Husserls ‘Origin of Geometry’?”
Introduction by Dr. Dorothea  Strauss ‚haus konstruktiv’, Zürich,
Link : text of the invitation.
The lecture was attended by over 100 participants., Many friends, collegues and representents of the foundation was specially noted the presence of the German  mathematicion Dr. Ulrich Grevesmühl, the poet and writer Prof. Felix Ingold and the swiss art collector Werner Merzbacher.  

You can ask fort he German text of the lecture at

4/10/ - 25/11/2010
Participates  in the exhibition  „konkrete Konzepte“
 At the  gallery  Ruhnke, Potsdam (Germany)
 This exhibition is organized in collaboration with  Galerie St. Johann, Saabrücken,  
where it will be shown  later.


02/10  - 10/12/2010 
Exhibition of sketches  and drawings „Architektur im Spiegel der Farbe“
together with  Berlin based   artist Elisabeth Sonneck at the gallery  ARTOPOI
Freiburg i/Br. (Germany)


till  25/09/2010
participation in the group show 
‘Summer Special’ at the  Galerie Schlegl, Zürich


26/08/ - 31/10/2010
Glattfelder participates in the exhibition« ganz konkret, Folge 1 »,  A proposal of synthesis  of 100 years development  of concrete art, assembled by  Dorothea Strauss in the museum ‚haus konstruktiv,  Selnaustrasse 25, Zürich 1


Weisbachsches Haus, Bleichstrasse 3,Plauen  at 18.00 p. m.Conference by Hans Glattfelder „Handhabe des Sichtbaren“


17 p.m. opening of the exhibition organized by Eugen Gomringer
At the Kunsthalle, Rehau, in Germany. Inaugural speech by Mr. Beat Wismer, director of the Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf.The documentary part of the catalogue published in this occasion contains also the ‘glossary’ proposed by Glattfelder.

31/7/ 2010
Mr. Hans –Peter  Riese holds the welcome speech  at 11a.m.  for the personal exhibition of Glattfelder at the ‘Weisbachsche Haus’, Plauen/Vogtland in Germany. Mr. Riese is the author of several publications about constructive/concrete art and about  Russian art. This exhibition is part of the ‘Sommeracademie’.


29/7 – 8.8.2010
XVII Internationale Sommerakademie  Plauen/Vogtland, an interdisciplinary seminary  around the theme ‚ars inveniendi  strategies of invention’ directed by Hans Glattfelder.
Click here for PDF


The Italian litterary  monthly review Belfagor,  directed by  C. F. Russo, publishes  Glattfelders essay „l’origine della geometria e l’arte concreta’ . It ist he relaborated version in Italian of a German text  published in  2003  with the  titel „ Konkrete Kunst aus der Sicht von Husserls ‚Ursprung der Geometrie’.

Belfagor LXV, nr. 3, Casa Editrice Leo S. Olschki, Firenze


La „Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“ , one of the most important German newspapers,publishes a survey of Glattfelders exhibition at the Gallery Hoffmann in Friedberg


the inscriptions to participate at the  « Sommerakademie » in Plauen (Germany) are now  possible,The seminary takes place in July and is directed byHans J. Glattfelder
Click here for PDF


18/02 – 18/O3/2010
 Exhibition  „ J.F. Dubreuil, H. Glattfelder, T. Ridell“ at   Galleri  Carin Hjärne  in  Helsingborg , Sweden

  5/12/2009 – 5/04/2010
One man exhibition at the gallery Hoffmann,
Görbelheimer Mühle, Friedberg near Frankfurt, Germany
Hans Jörg Glattfelder. NeueWandarbeiten,
Bilder und Zeichnungen.
The invitation contains a part of the”glossary”, translated in English by Jeffrey Steele.

  19/11/2009 – 24/01/2010
« Reconnaître »,
Opening of the exhibition with 45 European constructivist artists
in Paksi Képtàr, Hungary

Inauguration of the exhibition “H.J. Glattfelder – Vladimir Skoda”
at the gallery Artopoi, Freiburg im Breisgau , Germany

  13/10 – 24/10/2009
« Art Construit » J.F. Dubreuil, H. J. Glattfelder und T. Ridell
Opening of the exhibition in the town hall of the 3rd arrondissement of Paris in presence of the Maire Pierre Aidenbaum

  3/10/2009 - 10/01/2010
« Konkret. Die Sammlung Heinz und Anette Teufel im
Kunstmuseum Stuttgart” Exhibition of the collection Teufel,
gift to the new museum of Stuttgart.
Catalogue 310 pages, (with 3 reproductions
of works by Glattfelder.).

Opening of Glattfelders one man exhibition in the
Galerie Leonhard , Graz (Austria)

  11/09 – 24/10/2009
Exhibition of Glattfelder „extensions“ at the
Galerie am Lindenplatz, Vaduz (Liechtenstein)
In the occasion of his 70th birthday Glattfelder takes a look backwards towards the beginnings of his career; he there takes up some structural idea and re-elaborates and transforms it due to forty years experience, creating in this way unforeseen “extensions”.

  19/06 – 02/11/2009
“L’Oblique’ is the title of an interesting exhibition organized in the museums of Montbéliard, in France. The show focuses on the concept of oblique in contemporary geometric art. It is quite astonishing that Glattfelder is represented not with an ‘non Euclidian metaphor’ (where ‘oblique’ is a central point), but a pyramid relief taken from the collection MKK (Ingolstadt). Netherthless the theme is very original and stimulating and the exhibition is worth to be visited. It is the last exhibition of the director Bernhard Fauchille before his retirement.
    15/05/ 2009
Schweiz Konkret”, Exhibition of Swiss concrete art in Veszprém (Hungary), organized with works of the Vass Collection. An interesting catalogue (in German) has been published by Katrin Heidt for this occasion. This exhibition will remain opened for the next two years.

    4 – 6/05/2009
At Erfurt (Germany) the ‘Forum Konkrete Kunst organizes a symposium dedicated to the European influence of the Bauhaus before an after World War II. Glattfelders contribution titles: ‘L’Esprit Nouveau: the long march of France towards modernism”.
This text will be published soon (in German).

The Italien monthly review ABITARE ,( focussing on design and architecture), publishes online an important interview of Marco Filoni with Hans J. Glattfelder. For the time being the interview is only in Italien language:

Double exhibition of the young german artist Axel Rohlfs and
H. Glattfelder, in the spaces of Edition FANAL, Basel (Switzerland)
At the vernissage the two artists will speak about:
“Dialectics of the Concrete”
The exhibition remains open till the end of June.

‘haus konstruktiv’ (the museum of constructive art, Zurich) announces the following event:
18.30 “about Max Bill and concrete art”
a conversation between Jakob Bill and Hans Glattfelder
introduction by Dr. Dorothea Strauss

The two artists are friends since the sixties, when they started to exhibit together. Both, in different manners, knew Max Bill quite well.
They will discuss about the actuality of concrete art in general and in the work of Max Bill in particular.
The event will be recorded by the local radio station LORA.


4/03 – 8/O3/2009
During the new, dynamic art fair ART Karlsuhe two german galleries show Glattfelder in one man presentations:
The Maerz Galerie Mannheim and gallery ARTOPOI,
Freiburg i/Br. which presents a retrospective selection.

  31/01 - 24/03/2009
« konkrete Zeichnung » exhibition of concrete drawings at the gallery ARTOPOI, Freiburg im Breisgau (southern Germany). Participating artists : Hans J. Glattfelder, Axel Malik,
Robert Schad and Yamauchi Tatsuo.

  13/10 – 15/11/2008
In the front room of projektraum4 in Mannheim (Germany), invited by Blanka Heinecke (Maerz Galerie Mannheim), Glattfelder shows his installation “Triangle with 3 sides of equal length”. The piece is a reflection about the origin and about the material constitution of imaginary or ideal objects like e.g. geometric forms. In this installation the “three equal lengths are: a laser beam, a tight blue cord and an irregular ball made of thick black wire.
Glattfelder has invited artist Red Left Talg (born in
S. Paul, Newfoundland in 1939) to show in the same room the ”Duchamp extensions” from the series of his ‘meta readymades’. By this term R. L. Talg understands a metalinguistic comment on existing readymades … made by readymades.
Example: Duchamps famous urinoir “fountain” becomes “fontaine malade”, the “wheel” becomes “Marcel’s childhood” and finally the target “eau et gaz à tous les étages” is transfigurated in a “plaquette négativiste”.
It is quite difficult to find any information about Red Left Talg. Somebody remembers that in the early 80-ties ther was a quite irritated discussion about his -artistic – project to cool the tropical regions by colorating systematically the clouds. In the linguistics Red L. Talg is considered by some scholars the inventor of what is called the “semiotic square”.
Projektraum4 - Augartenstrasse 68 - D-68165 Mannheim
installing the installation  
view from above  
At the opening, with Blanka Heinecke  
Visitors at the opening  
meta-readymade “fontaine malade”  
“the hérisson of Baselitz”  
“Marcel’s childhood”  
“plaque négativiste”  
overall view of “Duchamp Extensions”    
    4/10 - 23/11/2008
The art gallery « L’incontro » in Chiari (Brescia), northern Italy organizes an exhibition ”Glattfelder – I rilievi a piramidi”.
A very carefully printed catalogue is available. All the works exposed are visible on the homepage of the gallery, and equally the text written by the Italian philosopher Marco Filoni for this exhibition. Text and images may be consulted under the artists name Glattfelder in the home page:
  18/05 – 28/09/2008

“Bildertausch 3”

a new presentation of the Marli Hoppe-Ritter collection,
with a. o. a group of works by Glattfelder.

In this third presentation, the art collector and founder of the Museum, Mrs. Marli Hoppe-Ritter puts in evidence some new aspects of her collection. The special attention of the actual selection goes to the work of artists investigating unusual constructive methods, like a. o. Vera Molnar or Manfred Mohr.

il "Relief Pyr 3/1868 "    

Espace de l’Art Concret
Château de Mouans Sartoux (Alpes maritimes, France)
19 p.m.
Conference by Hans J. Glattfelder

”penser l’art concrete” (“thinking concrete art”)

During this lecture the author will explain his concept of concrete art as essential core of all forms of non referential art. He describes concrete art as similar to a living organism, interacting with as different areas as science or the changing social context. Glattfelder will present his draft of a ‘glossaire’, i.e. a lexicon of words and concepts mostly used while discussing about concrete art.

with Jean Marc Avrila
the team of the Espace
during the lecture
a job part time
    05/04 - 24/05/2008
Personal exhibition Hans J. Glattfelder
Painting and works on paper
Galerie artopoi
Guntramstrasse 43
79106 Freiburg i/Br.
Opening time :
Mo/Tu/ We 15 – 19 h, Thur – 20 h, Sa 12 – 15 h

    3/4 - 7/4/2008
ART-PARIS in the Grand Palais, represented by Galerie Lahumière, Paris
and Galerie- Edition Fanal, Basel

18/3 2008
New publication by édition L’Harmattan, Paris,
« L’analogie dans la démarche scientifique »
directed by Marie-José DURAND-RICHARD
cover illustration by Hans J. Glattfelder

    14 / 6 – 19 / 8 6 2007
Thematic exhibitoin: “Exemplification becomes Art”,
at the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany
  7 / 6 – 7 / 7 – 2007
Groupe show: “8 x KONKRET, Concrete Art in Europe today” ,
Beardsmore Gallery, London.
  25/3 – 2007
With the Gallery Carmen Weber , Zug, participation at the art fair in Karlsruhe, Germany
  10/3 - 2007
The publication to celebrate the 80th birthday of Hans Heinz Holz, ”Unterschied und Widerspruch” edited by Christoph Hubig/Jörg Zimmer
Ed. Jürgen Dinter, Köln 2007, 257 p., hardcover, contains a.o. the texts ‘against the complete privatization of art’ by Hans Joachim Albrecht and an essay ‘on the constructibility of images’ by Hans J. Glattfelder.

In the occasion of the 80th birthday of the philosopher Hans Heinz Holz the German Leibniz Society and the Hegel- Marx Gesellschaft organizes a symposium “The pleasures of contradiction” in the great conference hall of the Humboldt-University in Berlin. For this event a “Festschrift” is published containing more than twenty articles written by friends and scholars from all over the globe. Myself I have contributed with pleasure a text treating the “constructability of images”.
10/2 – 29/4-2007
The museum Kulturspeicher in the German town Würzburg where is kept the Peter C. Ruppert collection (concrete art in Europe after 1945) shows an interesting exhibition with the title “ausgerechnet...Mathematik und konkrete Kunst”( exactly calculated....mathematics and concrete art). Together with works of world famous artists as Delaunay, Klee, Mondrian or Vantongerloo also younger artists are integrated in the exemplifications. Glattfelder is presented with the “non-Euclidian metaphor” of the Ruppert collection. His painting “Grenzgänger” has been object of structural analysis by the students of the Institut for Mathematics who have made a panel with explanations about non-Euclidian geometry shon in the exhibition. A catalogue of the exhibition in German is available
11/11 -2006
The gallery Nicole Schlégl celebrates its 35. birthday.
The artists of the gallery are present; Glattfelder will
transform his wall piece for the occasion.
16/9- 2006
Opening of the exhibition:
Rooms -Dialog between two Visions”
A two-men show organised at the Galerie Nicole Schlégl

Since the early sixties the work of the two artists focussed on the theme of Space: how to understand it, how to depict and question it. Each one tried in his own way to carry the mysterious apriori into the focus of consciousness, to open a dialogue with it ..and to sing its praises.
In the Zurich exhibition works of different periods of both artists are shown together in an unusual confrontation. The two artists and the gallerist look forward to discover new aspects and new insights.
The exhibition is open till the 4th November 2006
interestted visitors  
Gottfried Honegger talking with Christoph Haerle  
28/9 –2006
At the MKK (museum for constructive art) in the German town of
Ingolstadt Opens the exhibition “die neuen tendenzen”
(new tendencies). This exhibition tries to reconstruct the paneuropean
artistic movements which in the sixties – under the name of “nouvelle tendence” or “nove tendencije”were present from Paris till Zagreb.
Glattfelder is present in the show and the visit to Ingolstadt will give him the opportunity to to look for the bus which he has painted years ago for the town administration . The artist is quite proud of this ‘mobile permutation in the city’; although the drawback of it is that people in Ingolstadt occasionally say that “the other day ‘Glattfelder’ was terribly full”;
Glattfelder driving his bus  
the 'full permutation' in Ingolstadt.


Publication of a text:
« art as an objective activity », in TOPOS 25
The review TOPOS, ‘international contributions to the theory of dialectics’, is edited by the two philosophers Hans Heinz Holz and Domenico Losurdo. Number 25 is a special issue dedicated to questions of aesthetics.
Glattfelder starts his investigations departing from the basic fact that every kind of human existence relays on the intentional production of objects. This constitutes the link of artistic production to the general social metabolism.
Some subtitles in the text:
”historicity of artistic inventions”, “imagination and representation”, “intentional forms – appropriate materialisation – ‘image-competent’ reception”, and finally a slightly satirical chapter about “the creation of a pecuniary aura”.
All the texts are in German.
ISSN 0943 6 1810
‘Topos 25’ is available at the following address:
Dr. Dieter Kraft
Seestr. 35
13353 Berlin
e- mail:
since March 15th you can find in the website
edited by the Swiss Institute for the History of Art,
under >Glattfelder< extensive bio-bibliographical
10/3 - 1/5 -2006
March 10th – Mai 1st : Group exhibition
"stets konkret",
Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg
Mühlegasse 3
D-40213 Düsseldorf
(In collaboration with Hubertus Schoeller)
An introduction was held by
Hans-Peter Riese
15/12 -2005 hn28/2 -2006
Participation in the exhibition "Visionäre Sammlung 1"
haus konstruktiv
Selnaustrasse 25
CH-8001 Zurich
    10/11 -2005
This year again at the beginning of november in the beautiful city of Erfurt takes place a symposium about “concrete art”. I participate there with a lecture about: “Universalien-Realismus und Konstruktivität: über die Seins-Formen von Hans Heinz Holz“.

My translation of an interesting text, written by Alexandre Kojève in 1936: ”the concrete paintings of Kandinsky”, will be published this year by the editor Gachnang & Springer, Bern – Berlin, together with a commentary which I have written for this presentation. Kojève is known -among the specialists –as an important interpreter of Hegel. But he also happened to be Kandinskys nephew: this text is the first essay on the notion of “concrete” in painting and its edition could represent an occasion to reconsider some aspects of this art.

28/10 - 2005 nnn1/11 -2005
During the ART COLOGNE 28.oct. – 1.nov. 2005-10-31
the gallery HOFFMANN ( )
show at stand C 018,hall 9.1 several works of Glattfelder.
In this shot is shown "sidereus nuncius", 2005, 150x260cm
"sidereus nuncius" at ART COLOGNE  
16/9 -2005
In presence of the minister of culture, Mrs. Christina Weiss, the founder Mrs. Marli Hoppe-Ritter and the architect Mr. Max Dudler, hundreds of persons assisted the 16th September the inauguration of the Ritter-Museum
( ) in Waldenbuch near Stuttgart t.
Under the title "SQUARE" a part of the Marli Hoppe-Ritter collection is presented in the rooms of the new museum. The exhibition is well documented by an extensive catalogue. In this exhibition the work of Hans J. Glattfelder is presented by his painting "permutation" dating from 1984
Architect Max Dudler and Glattfelder standing before "Permutation 1984"  

The 20th. October 2005 in the library of the German Centre fort he History of Art - 10, Place des Victoires, Paris, Hans J. Glattfelder lectured on the theme:
"Concret art in Paris between 1930 – 40: a firecracker with a wet wick".
The audience was composed of students, artists and galerists, but also of representatives of the Parisian cultural elite as Mr. Serge Lemoine (director of the Musée d'Orsay) or Mr. Werner Spies (commissioner of important exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou and elsewhere).
The event was closed by an interesting discussion between
Prof. Gaethgens (director of the Centre), Serge Lemoine , Gottfried Honegger (Founder of the Centre for Concret Art in Mouans-Sartoux) and Glattfelder.
The general opinion was that events like this are useful to promote the knowledge of concrete art and consequently a second lecture about the further development of this art is in the pipeline.

Place des Victoires Paris

30/5 -2005
My one man exhibition “exact experiments in the perception of things and signs” at the Hoffmann Gallery in Friedberg near Frankfurt takes an end, after more than six (!) months. Besides the “ exact experiments” the gallery showed also examples of my work of the last 40 years. The exhibition was quite well visited and some important pieces went into the Marli Hoppe-Ritter and the Peter C. Ruppert collections.

Galerie Hoffmann, Friedberg  
22/1 -2005
“experiment konkret” was the title of an exhibition which the Museum for concrete art in Ingolstadt organized in occasion of the 80. birthday of Eugen Gomringer, (also known as “ the father of concrete poetry”). The new director of the Museum, Tobias Hoffmann, gave Mr. Gomringer “carte blanche” to organize an exhibition for his own pleasure in the empty museum. I was quite surprised to discover there quite a number of my works and to be pointed out – together with K.H. Adler, Karl Gerstner and François Morellet - as “particularly interested in experiments” (within the realm of “concrete art”). Thanks, Eugen Gomringer!
Museum für konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt