Hans Jörg Glattfelder

The constructivist painter and author Hans Jörg Glattfelder was
born 1939 in Zurich .

In the beginning he was influenced by the “concrete art of Zurich”, but soon he took his own way: in the late sixties he inquired into the possibility of creating art work by the means of anonymous, industrial production (“pyramid reliefs”); in the seventies he introduced the topic of the “non-euclidean” geometry as a base for his artistic production (“non-euclidean metaphors”).

In many articles, interviews and theoretical contributions Hans J. Glattfelder speaks up for an exercise of art based on rational inventiveness (“meta-rationalism” 1983) and he asks for an interdisciplinary opening and communication between the many expressions of “constructivism” in science and art (“methodical constructivism”).

From 1961 – 1997 Glattfelder lived in Italy , since 1998 in Paris .